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A VerTec Audio/ Visual Technicians perform setup and tear down and maintenance of specialized equipment for events and meetings.
· Data projector and screen setup.
· Microphone and P.A. setup for events and meetings.
· Reacts fast to pressure situations.

VerTec Data Asset Management positions include a wide variety of specialized skills and knowledge.
Document Processor: inspects documents and determines if document is to be archived, if necessary forwards document to appropriate staff for document identification, attaches as required a document identification number, assembles documents into logical sets/ batches for further processing, initiates and affixes a set / batch log to accompany documents through the process stream.
Identification Expert: provides definitive identification of documents proposed for inclusion into the Archive.
Document Technician: converts physical document into a digital format, uploads digital file into appropriate storage server.
Document Cataloger/ Indexer: Reviews digital sets / batches and attaches appropriate metadata allowing for document search and retrieval.
Researcher: provides end-user assistance and fulfills end-user requests.
Document Logistician: inspects and returns physical documents to appropriate locations, ensures that all appropriate paperwork associated with document processing is properly completed and reports forwarded to appropriate staff, maintains process metrics.
Process Manager: is familiar with entire process stream, reviews processes and analyzes metrics for continuous improvement, provides quality assurance and data integrity review to ensure the ongoing viability of the Archive.

VerTec Financial support staff have financial and accounting experience are detailed oriented with excellent interpersonal skills and computer skills in Excel and Access.
· Financial and accounting background.
· Computer experience in Excel and Access.
· Excellent interpersonal skills.
· Multitask between phones and accurate data entry and
administration skills.

A VerTec Image Tech takes raw digital camera files and color manages and processes the files into a deliverable image product.
· Expert Photoshop skills.
· Excellent knowledge of Microsoft tools.
· Highly organized and able to multitask.
· Processes images with fast turn around deadlines.

A VerTec Photographer must be highly organized and well versed in film and digital image capture, computer skills and customer service.
· Event Photography.
· Portrait Photography.
· Documentation Photography.
· Advertising and Illustrative Photography.
· Catalog Photography.
· Uses available light, on camera flash, portable strobes and/ or portable lights to light the subject.
· Transfers digital images from camera card to PC, acquires and
enhances images in PhotoShop, archives images.
· Maintains camera equipment.

A VerTec Photographer - Image Acquisition Specialist possesses the skills of the Image Technician, Photographer, Project Coordinator, Videographer, and Video Editor.

A VerTec, Inc. Project Coordinator must be highly organized and well versed in departmental capabilities, customer service and computer skills.
· Oversees photography and videography department.
· Schedules and prioritizes jobs.
· Maintains customer relations in person and on the phone.
· Writes orders.
· Determines customer's needs and plans course of action to fulfill customer's expectations.
· Knowledgeable about photography and videography.
· Communicates with outside vendors in the customer's best interest.
· Maintains a neat, customer friendly work environment.

A VerTec Videographer must be highly organized and well versed in wide variety of video formats and shooting techniques with excellent customer skills and an ability to react fast to unexpected situation while maintaining superior quality.
· Video documentation in test environments.
· Video capture of events with multiple camera setup with live switching.
· Uses multiple video format cameras.
· Good customer skills.
· Field and studio lighting ability.
· Field and studio audio recording knowledge and experience.

A VerTec Video Editor must be highly organized and well versed in traditional tape to tape editing as well as digital Non-linear editing experience. A large knowledge of digital output possibilities that best fits the client needs. They also possess excellent creative skills and the ability to interact with the client to achieve the best possible product with in their budget.
· Tape to tape editing.
· Avid Non-linear editing tools.
· Adobe photo shop experience.
· 3D animation and Multimedia tools.
· Audio recording and manipulation tools.