Lights. Camera. Action! With VerTec your video project is sure to have the impact you want. We bring years of experience in video production to your door and the latest DV (digital video) technology. We have taken the practices and principles as a Tier 1 vendor for General Motors to bring you the best value for your money! We can handle all aspects of the video process. If it's scripting, videotaping, editing, duplication, a custom piece or standard documentation, we can manage it, start to finish. Whether the output of your project is an AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, Web-streaming codecs, or CD-R and DVD, VerTec's video team can do it all, before you can say, "That's a wrap!"

Do you need something video taped? We offer a variety of camera packages. From single camera packages to multi-camera packages. We can even customize packages to suit your needs. We also offer you the choice of formats for recording, like VHS on the low-end to DV on the high-end.

Whether we've video taped your project or not we have the latest Avid Nonlinear Editing Suite to complete your project. Our editor has over 13 years of editing experience. Clients say he can practically read their minds. He's even been known to make something out of nothing.

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